Isak Dennholt – born 1999, are writing and publishing all by himself as an independent artist. The music genre is close to soul with some experimental elements from other genres. He is an excellent song writer with extraordinary guitar skills which makes him a complete artist. The debut single Cry Baby were released in 2016 and has more than 500k spins on Spotify. Later in 2016 Isak released the debut EP Epilogue with 6 strong tracks and the one called – Give up on me, has also been released as a single in live version.
Isak is also a proud member of the Swedish music syndicate Sömngångare (eng. Sleepwalkers) and he is one of the artists that is frequently seen in Dunks studio K27!

Rumors saying that Isak are working with new releases very soon. All releases are on Spotify and YouTube and you can of course find them here in our public playlists and channels!