Christian Wannervall has been creating music since his early teenage years and it has been an important getaway for him ever since!
He describes his passion as something that can been resting for years but somehow he always ends up sittning by the piano again!
As a young boy in Gothenburg he grew up with role models like Oasis, Radiohead and Nirvana. Later on he got into more electronic music like The knife and The Do.

His unique voice and skills in both guitar and piano has resulted in the EP “Vikten av ingenting”.
He describes the process of creating the EP like this: ”In the search for the old Christian I had to dig deep trough all the layers and finally I found myself. I was thinking, now I can start creating music for real again, and stop imitating that fucking parrot! There, the Gothenburg indie woke up again in its beautiful panache, and I fell for her witchcraft once again…

According to Christian his vibe may sound completely different in the future so go give it a listen now, it’s truly a piece of art!